A Rock Band’s First Trailer

Written by Packy Lundholm
There are a few things every rock band needs to survive: catchy songs, an exciting stage show, devoted fans, and perhaps most importantly, a trailer. How else are you supposed to get your equipment to all those gigs?

I play lead guitar in a band called I Fight Dragons. We play a unique blend of power pop-rock combined with classic video game sounds. We even hook up old Nintendo controllers to a computer and play them on stage as instruments! IFD has a full rock band instrumentation (drums, bass, and two electric guitars), as well as a custom-built control center for the computer and controllers. We also show videos on old TVs and projection screens scattered around the stage. Needless to say, we have a LOT of equipment to drag around, and not long ago our cargo hauling method was a fleet of cars with TVs and amps in the back seats.

IFD was recently asked to play a show at the 10,000-capacity Magness Arena in Denver – by far our biggest show yet! The only problem was how to transport our gear on the 16-hour trek from our home Chicago. We decided it was time to take the next step – to become A Band With A Trailer.

Lucky for us, I already owned a Mercury Mariner with a V6 engine that’s powerful enough to pull a decently-sized trailer. We went to a local shop and purchased a 10′ trailer that has plenty of room for our equipment and merchandise. The next important step was getting the appropriate trailer hitch and wiring harness for my Mariner. That’s where Curt comes in.

It just so happens that when I’m not out playing rock shows I write for Auto Accessories Garage, so I knew right where to go to start shopping. We offer Curt’s full line of trailer hitches and make it simple to choose the right one for your vehicle. All I had to do was select my Mariner on our Curt Hitch page and the add the hitch I wanted to the shopping cart. I had my choice of a Class II Hitch or Class III Hitch – I opted for the Class III Hitch for that extra beefiness and 2″ receiver. The site remembers your vehicle selection, so I browsed over to the T-Connector Wiring Harness page and in one click I added the exact harness I needed to my shopping cart.

The mechanic at the shop was very pleased (you could almost say relieved) to see I came in with a Curt Hitch. He told me Curt was a reliable company whose custom hitches fit great right out of the box, and he hasn’t had any problems with them in his years at the shop. Looks like he was right, as my Curt trailer hitch and wiring harness were installed easily in under an hour and I was on my way. At the shop I picked up a Curt Ball Mount, a chrome Curt Trailer Ball, and a hefty Curt Hitch Pin to finish off the rig.

And now, the moment of truth. It took a little bit of aligning to get it right, but eventually the coupler grabbed the ball with no problem. I spent some time in the parking lot of a nearby school to get used to the trailer, especially going in reverse – this little bit of practice proved essential that weekend. We loaded up the trailer (keeping the weight evenly distributed and making sure the heavier TVs and drum hardware were sitting over the axle), attached the safety chains, checked all the lights and connections, and we were on our way!

My Mariner did a great job hauling the trailer to and from Denver, and my new Curt Trailer Hitch, Wiring Harness, and other hitch parts were reliable throughout the whole journey. Thanks to Curt, choosing and installing the right trailer hitch parts for my SUV was a piece of cake. And in the world of arena rock shows, epic road trips, and hectic tour schedules, we need every break we can get.

Oh, and the show? It was AWESOME! We rocked out for thousands of screaming kids, made a ton of new friends and fans, and had the experience of a lifetime. And now that we’re Curt-equipped, we can do it all over again.


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