Top 5 Worst (And Funniest) Driving Moments In Cinema

Before we all head out on our various driving adventures this weekend, let’s take a look at some classic movie examples of road trips gone wrong:

The Clark Family Truckster in National Lampoon's Vacation

5. Vacation

National Lampoon’s 1983 masterpiece is perhaps the greatest example of why you should never, ever take the family on an epic road trip (but still do anyway). The Wagon Queen Family Truckster didn’t do the Griswolds very well, knocking and rattling even as it rolled out of the dealership. The garbage bag airbag deploys for no reason, the back seat proves to be Aunt Edna’s deathbed, and the hub caps are all-too-easily stolen by a gang who Rusty suspects loves the Commodores. But hey, at least Clark was able to let out some aggression.

Clark Griswold Punching Marty Moose at Wally World in Vacation


The Destroyed Car in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

4. Planes, Trains, And Automobiles

Sure, the planes and trains were a struggle for this odd couple of strangers, but it was in the automobile that their tense journey reached some dangerous and hilarious peaks. A note to future road-trippers: Don’t drive tired, stay in your lane, and be careful where you discard your cigarettes.

The Mercedes Cabriolet in The Hangover3. The Hangover

Everything goes awry for the three formerly-drunken buffoons in this film, but none is more heartbreaking than the damage done to the father of the bride’s Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet. But what else do you expect when you lock Mike Tyson’s stolen tiger inside it?

Chris Farley and David Spade in the ruined Plymouth in Tommy Boy

2. Tommy Boy

Holy Schnikes! Even the heir to the Callahan Auto Parts empire can’t repair the damage done to this once-pristine classic Plymouth convertible. The doors get clipped off, the hood flies up in their faces, and the windshield takes quite the bullet wound. At least the guys have the sweet sounds of Rita Coolidge to keep them company.

The Cliff Jumping Scene in Thelma And Louise

1.Thelma And Louise

I think that picture pretty much sums it up. Your road trip can’t end any worse than that!

That just about covers it for the worst that could happen to you and your ride this weekend. So remember to buckle up, make sure you’ve got plenty of 8-tracks in the center console, and most importantly…those aren’t pillows!


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  1. HomeAway says:

    Hey, did you know the Truckster is hitting the road again?! We’ll try to drive a little better than Clark. Check out The Great American Road Trip at!

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