Shopping Guide: Truck Toolboxes

All of our favorite heroes keep their equipment handy at all times: Batman has his handy Utility Belt, MacGyver makes more-than-resourceful use of his Swiss army knife, and even John Popper stays within reach of his full arsenal (I mean harmonicas, not his other arsenal). Don’t be caught stranded without your tools when it’s your time to shine – Keep all your gear ready for action with one of these durable, secure, and great-looking truck toolboxes:

Dee Zee Single Lid Crossover Toolbox
Dee Zee Crossover Truck Toolbox

The Dee Zee Single Lid Toolbox features the classic crossover toolbox design you’ve seen on pickups from the Celtics’ stomping ground to Lakers country and everywhere in between. It’s forged from heavy-duty aluminum with a tough diamond plate Brite-Tread design and a full-length piano hinge even Ben Folds couldn’t bust. The Dee Zee Single Lid Truck Toolbox keeps thieves out with locking stainless paddle handles and prevents water leaks with weathertight foam seals. USA-made Dee Zee Truck Toolboxes keep your gear safe, secure, and ready to get to work.

Deflecta-Shield Low Profile Crossover Toolbox

DeflectaShield Crossover Low Profile Truck Toolbox

Maybe you need some tool storage, but want to keep your pickup truck’s sleek looks for those nights you take it out to the local sushi bar. That’s where Deflecta-Shield (a division of Lund International) comes in, with their Low Profile Truck Toolbox. This truck toolbox gives you plenty of storage for your tools and other gear, while keeping a low-profile design that provides subtle style and gives you a full view out of the back window. It’s got fully welded seams, commercial-grade gas struts, and your choice of a polished Brit or powder-coated Black finish. It’s a tough toolbox but it looks so smooth even Smoove B would be proud.

Deflecta-Shield Challenger Side Mount Truck ToolboxDeflectaShield Side Mount Truck Toolbox

Crossover truck toolboxes may be the most popular design, but they’re not the only way to go. Mount a Deflecta-Shield Challenger Side Mount Truck Toolbox to your bed for easy access to all your tools. Unlike crossover boxes you don’t have to climb into your bed or reach like Stretch Armstrong to get to your gear. The Challenger Side Mount Toolbox is built from heavy-duty diamond tread aluminum with handy and secure quick-release locks and a foam-injected lid that’s strong and quiet. You can even mount a Challenger Side Mount Toolbox in conjunction with a standard crossover truck toolbox for even more storage space.

Count on Auto Accessories Garage to take care of all your truck toolbox needs. With so many designs available at unbeatable prices, you can’t go wrong!


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