New Brand: Tokico Suspension

Auto Accessories Garage is proud to present another great brand that we’ve just added to our Suspension category. Tokico Shocks and Lowering Kits are excellent players in the performance suspension world, and make a huge difference for your ride quality, comfort, and handling.

Tokico HP Shocks are commonly called Tokico Blues. These shocks are tough enough for serious driving, with chromed, hardened, and polished piston rods, Teflon-coated piston rod guides, and a special oil compound that resists thermal breakdown and viscosity changes. Tokico’s multi-stage variable aperture sandwich valve system adjusts its resistance relative the rod speed for excellent response and fine-tuned damping. Whether you cruise stock or have a modded-out street racer, Tokico Blues will work wonders for your handling and cornering.

If you want to take it to a whole new level, bolt on the Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit. This kit hooks up all 4 corners of your ride with Tokico lowering springs over a full set of Tokico Illumina Shock Absorbers. Tokico Illumina Shocks are easily adjustable to 5 different compression levels so you can tune in the perfect amount of damping you need. The steel alloy springs drop your vehicle a couple of inches and are finely tuned for spring rates that match the shocks and the amount of leveling. With the Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit there’s no guesswork, no hoping that your springs and shocks are right for each other. And the result: a lower stance, responsive handling, and a newly formed addiction to tight corners. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

When it’s time to upgrade your ride’s feel and handling, be sure to check out Tokico Shocks. We’ve got plenty of other great brands and products in our Performance Suspension category, so check out all the killer shocks, lift kits, and springs we have to offer!


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