New Brand: Cyberdyne Digital Gauges

At AAG we love high-performance parts and sweet-looking style enhancements. But when you put the two together, THAT’s when we really get excited! We’re pleased to announce our new brand, Cyberdyne Gauges. These digital gauges are bright and accurate, and are available for just about every metric and parameter under the sun. And they look great while they’re at it. Cyberdyne Digital Gauges come in four hot colors:

Cyberdyne Blue Ice Digital Gauges

Cyberdyne Blue Ice Gauges fill your cockpit with that high-tech glow that whispers “Beam me up, Scotty” every time you turn the ignition.

Cyberdyne Emerald Green Digital Gauges

Or if you’re the superstitious type, give your dash a touch of Irish Luck with Cyberdyne Emerald Green Gauges. These gauges are also perfect for you nostalgic computer geeks who miss the days of the old Apple Monitor II

Cyberdyne Red Heat Digital Gauges

Dr. Evil was a big fan of using liquid hot magma in his easy-to-escape murder chamber. Sure, he might have liked it for its flesh-melting properties, but we’d like to think he really was in it for the looks. Now you can add searing-hot style to your ride with Cyberdyne Red Heat Gauges. Fire up these gauges and throw some Hot Hot Heat in the 6-disc changer, and your vehicle just might become the in-house sauna you’re wife’s been asking for.

Cyberdyne Sunburst Amber Digital Gauges

Perhaps you’re the type that’s inspired daily by beautiful sunrises. No, we’re not talking about the epic jam by the best worst band ever – we’re talking about that bright color of the sky you can only get by watching the sun break over the horizon, or by installing some Cyberdyne Sunburst Amber Digital Gauges. You get high-performance digital monitoring, with a beautiful amber glow – and without the awful guitar “shredding”.

Cyberdyne Billet Aluminum Gauge Panel

Cyberdyne’s also a great choice if you want to jazz up your vintage Chevy or Ford truck. Cyberdyne Billet Aluminum Gauge Panels come with 5 Cyberdyne Digital Gauges pre-loaded onto a classic-yet-modern billet plate. Simply drop this into your dash for a true “modern classic” look.

If you’re looking to upgrade your interior looks and your vital monitoring, be sure to take a look at the high performance and hot style of Cyberdyne!


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