Top 4 Fast Food Items For Inside Your Car

Chances are a good amount of our readers are going on a road trip of some sort this weekend. And as you get a couple hours into the trip, eventually you and your passengers will be complaining that you’re hungry like the wolf – without even trying to make an ironic Duran Duran reference.

You need some nourishment to dominate the rest of the journey, but if you stop for too long you will have wasted the weekend! Fear not – here are four perfect pieces of fast food that were just about designed to be consumed in the car.

KFC/McDonald's/Wendy's Snack Wraps

"That's a wrap!" Said the big-shot movie director, as he was brought his lunch.

Snack Wraps

One of the latest crazes to hit the fast food scene is the Snack Wrap. KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and more all offer versions of their sandwich stuffings wrapped in a warm tortilla shell. The snack wrap keeps all that sodium-packed bad-for-you goodness contained in the tortilla – no utensils, no spills, no hassles.


Taco Bell CrunchWrap Supreme

If you tend to think your burritos don't have enough corners, well you're in luck, sister.

Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme

Okay, we’ll admit that this wrap is a bit more unwieldy than your everyday snack wrap (and the author of this article gets plenty of flak from his friends for ordering it) – but the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme really does it all. You’ve got your meat, your tomatoes, letttuce, cheese, a hard taco shell – pretty much everything Taco Bell has to offer – all wrapped up in a flat hexagonal burrito frisbee of glory. Eaten correctly, the Crunchwrap Supreme gives you the total pseudo-Mexican fast food experience without any mess. We can’t say whether your fellow passengers will like you after you finish the Crunchwrap, but that’s between you and them.


The Burger King Frypod

The latest model of BK Frypod is available with 32 giga-bites of salt.

Burger King Frypod

Burger King used some clever design skills in developing the “frypod,” their french fry/onion ring container. It has a round base that sits perfectly in your cup holder, unlike the awkward rectangular fries that tip over every time you step on the brakes. Fries might not be as portable and mess-free as the wraps, but you gotta admit that the Frypod is an improvement in automobile cuisine.


McDonald's Hash Browns

Last time I was this excited seeing an envelope it had my tax refund in it.

McDonald’s Hash Browns

Greasy fingers aside, McDonald’s Hash Browns are a pretty easy way to get your morning potato fix in the car. Rather than the messy piles of shredded spuds you get at places like Waffle House or your local diner, Micky D’s browns are shaped like one big, flat oval and come served in an easy-to-handle envelope. The packaging makes it easy to hold the hash browns and get in a nice clean bite when needed. Only problem is you have to get there before 10:30AM, so if you slept in because you stayed up all night trying to become the next generation’s Jerky Boys, you’re out of luck. Also, don’t you know everyone has Caller ID now? Idiot.

That’s just a sampling of all the great mobile food that’s easy to eat on the go and helps you get to your destination that much quicker. Then again, too much of the stuff will get you to the grave quicker too, so please use this advice sparingly.

Have a great weekend, and safe travels!


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