New Brand: Snow Bear Snow Plows

SnowBear Snow Plows, Snow Bear Snow Plow
We’re getting deep into the throes of Winter – are you equipped to battle those blankets of powder? If you have a long driveway or path, even a snow blower won’t cut it. Make short work of the job with a SnowBear Snow Plow.
These plows are designed with the daily driver in mind. You don’t need complicated, super-expensive electronics and hydraulics just to clear your driveway or small lots. That’s why the SnowBear Plow is designed with a simple and easy-to-use winch and mounting system. It wires directly to your battery and is easy to control with the included remote switch. In just minutes you can do work that used to take hours of shoveling and days of back pain.
SnowBear Truck Snow Plow
Our selection of truck snow plows isn’t limited to SnowBear, either. Click here to shop our full selection of Snow Plows, and turn your truck into a mean powder-pushing machine.


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