New Products from Lloyd Mats

Floor mats are an instant way to add some custom looks to your interior. They also provide a crucial shield of protection against spills, muddy shoes, and heavy heels that can destroy your factory carpeting. There’s no better way to add both custom style and tough protection to your vehicle than a set of Lloyd Mats.

Ultimat Floor Mats by Lloyd Mats

Lloyd Ultimat Floor Liners are crafted with plush 32oz nylon carpet for a luxurious look and plush feel that’s over twice as thick as most factory floor mats. They’ve also got a latex backing that blocks spills and provides a sure slip-free grip on your carpet.

Luxe Custom Floor Mats from Lloyds Mats

For the ultimate in plush luxurious style, choose Lloyd Luxe Floor Mats. These custom floor mats are over three times as thick as factory carpet floor mats and come in a variety of colors to match your interior.

Lloyd RubberTite All Season Car Floor Liners

When it comes to all-season protection, it doesn’t get any better than Lloyd Mats RubberTite Floor Mats. These floor liners boast rugged rubber construction and a dimpled design that traps mud, snow, and spills to keep your carpets looking showroom-new all year round. They’re also fully custom-formed to your exact vehicle for a perfect fit and maximum coverage.

Don’t let the season’s worst get into your car – keep your interior clean, protected, and stylish with a set of Lloyd Mats Car Floor Mats! Most Lloyd Mats Carpet Floor Mats are also fully customizable with logos and embroidered text. Click Here to see our full array of Custom Lloyd’s Mats Floor Mats and liners, and hit the road in style!


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