New Products from Classic Accessories

Whether you’re in the market for a RV Cover or a inflatable pontoon boat, Classic Accessories has you covered. We just added Classic Accessories’ line of camping, boating, and automotive accessories to our site this week. Check out some of our favorites below:


PolyPro 3 Car Cover:

This weather resistant car cover makes sure all that waxing and washing doesn’t go to waste. The Classic Accessories car cover  is made of durable PolyPro 3 fabric to protect your car in all weather conditions – including snow. It also has an ultra-soft interior lining to keep your paint job scratch-free.


PolyX 300 RV Cover:

Summer is still months away, but that doesn’t mean you should let your road warrior deteriorate in the driveway. 49 of the 50 states were hit with snow this week –  for RV owners that means faded finishes and chipped paint jobs. Luckily, you can ward off winter depression and the bad weather that comes with it by covering your RV with the PolyX 300 RV Cover. This RV cover is available for Class A and Class C RVs, and it’s made from heavy duty poly-fabric to shield against the rain, snow, and sun.


Colorado XT:

Classic Accessories’ line of inflatable pontoon boats are among the coolest products we offer at AAG. Serious outdoorsmen should check out the Colorado XT. This tough steel framed inflatable boat is equipped with a slew of storage pockets for camping and fishing gear, as well as a rear storage platform that’s big enough for a full-size cooler. And unlike a full-size fishing boat, you can haul the Colorado XT anywhere in your truck bed or RV.


Those are just a few of the hundreds of Classic Accessories products we’ve got at Auto Accessories Garage. Be sure to check out all of the Classic Accessories Car, RV, and Boat Covers at our website.


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