The 2011 Detroit Auto Show: The Worst Concept Cars of the Year

The Detroit Auto Show is a time for car companies to show off their flair for innovation and flex their creative muscles. In its 100-plus year history, the show has had its share of winners – the Mako Shark comes to mind, specifically – but Detroit has also had its fair share of losers, too. This year’s show is no different. From ill-advised gullwing doors, to spaced-out interiors, there were some truly hideous concept cars stinking up the place. Check out our list of the Worst Concept Cars at the Detroit Auto Show below:

Kia Concept Car

Kia KV7

No matter how hard you try, a minivan will never be cool. Ever. Unfortunately, nobody told the design team at Kia this. Kia hoped the addition of gullwing doors would give their van the soul of a sports car – it didn’t.

This minivan falls flat in just about every category. From the boxy exterior, to the yellow swivel chairs inside, the KV7 is hideous. The gullwing doors only exacerbates the problem.

Ford Explorer

In order to regain their dominance in the SUV market, Ford needed to wow folks in Detroit with their new Ford Explorer. But despite the hype, and the switch to a unibody chassis, the Explorer’s bland design did little to erase memories of the Firestone fiasco a few years ago. Expect to see this model collecting dust at your local dealership this fall.

Hundai Concept
Hundai Curb

While Hundai garnered praise for the practical Hundai Veloster, the same can’t be said for the over-stylized Hundai Curb. The Curb is just too much of a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with the space age body, but the tricked out wheels and lightning bolt headlights are just gaudy. We won’t even bring up the car’s interior. At the end the day, the Curb is better suit for Tron than the highway.

So there you have it, the worst concept cars of this year’s auto show. Luckily, none of these cars will be out on the road anytime soon, but in the same is true for the cooler concept cars. So while you wait for the next big thing, pick up a car cover and keep your car looking great for years to come.


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