Shopping Guide: EBC Brakes

The guys at EBC Brakes know the world of auto accessories can be a difficult one to navigate. That’s why their brake pads are color-coded to make your life easier. With EBC, instead of memorizing obscure acronyms and part numbers, all you have to do is remember that “Track Use Brake Pads” are “Yellow” and “Every Day Use” means “Green.” Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide of EBC Brake Pads below and find out what color suits your vehicle the best.


Green Stuff Brake Pads:

For every day drivers, there are Green Stuff Brake Pads. These pads are the ideal replacement for your stock pads and feature a center-line slot that vents in cool air to prevent thermal cracking and reduce noise.


Red Stuff Brake Pads:

Red Stuff Brake Pads give sports car and European luxury car owners a pad to match the performance of their vehicle. Red Stuff Brake Pads have a high initial brake effect and a higher heat threshold than EBC’s Green Stuff line. Plus, they carry up to 50% less dust than OEM replacement pads, which means cleaner wheels for your Dodge Challenger.


Yellow Stuff Brake Pads:

If you plan on hitting the race track any time soon, you may want to think about picking up some EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads. Yellow Stuff  Brake Pads are EBC’s highest gripping pads and they’ve been a favorite of race and rally drivers since 2004.


Blue Stuff Brake Pads:

EBC Blue Stuff Brake Pads are the world’s first street legal racing brake pads. These pads provide race-level performance without the noise of traditional race pads. Instead of using semi-metallic fibers, Blue Stuff ‘s are naturally-mined to produce a progressive feel that’s far less harsh on your brake rotors. Blue Stuff Brake Pads also feature EBC’s NDX Formula to provide superior bite from cold.


Those are just a few of the EBC brake pads we offer at AAG. Check out all of EBC’s brake pads and brake rotors at our website.


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