Exhaust Tip Round Up

A while back, we told you about a few of the exhaust tips we offer at AAG. Because our catalog has nearly doubled since then, we felt it was about time for us to dedicate a new post to everybody’s favorite exhaust accessory. Here are some of the coolest exhaust tips we’re selling at the site right now:


MBRP Turndown Exhaust Tip:

Classic Car owners with heavy-duty exhaust systems need to pick up this turndown tip. The MBRP Turndown Exhaust Tip is made of T-304 Stainless Steel to withstand wear and features a sleek design that embodies the old school style of Classic American muscle.


Cherry Bomb Exhaust Tip:

Chevy exhaust tip

While they’re known more for their exhaust systems and mufflers, this California Company makes some pretty cool tips, too. For Chevy guys, there’s the Bow-Tie Exhaust Tip. This stainless steel Chevy exhaust tip features a tip exit in the shape of American auto giant’s iconic Bow-Tie logo and looks great on any Chevy vehicle.


Magnaflow Street Series Muffler with Tip:

You gotta give the guys at Magnaflow style points for the exhaust tips on their Street Series Muffler. Made of 400-Stainless Steel, the exhaust tips on this high performance muffler come in a variety of sizes and styles to provide your vehicle with a look and sound that will turn heads.


Gibson Exhaust Tips:

For a look that never falls out of fashion, check out Gibson exhaust tips. Gibson’s brawny exhaust tips are made from aircraft-grade steel and come in a variety of looks, including dual walled and rolled round exhaust tips.


Those are just a handful of the exhaust tips we’ve added over the last few months. To see them all, head over to http://www.autoaccessoriesgarage.com.


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