Cold Air Intake Round-Up

Fact: Most factory air intakes don’t provide the air flow performance vehicles require. If your car is guzzling gas or lacking in horsepower, you might need a cold air intake system to improve your engine efficiency. A cold air intake is a must-have for any performance vehicle. They provide your engine with unrestricted cool air to increase your horsepower and torque. In some cases, intake systems can even improve your gas mileage. Like most auto upgrades, air intakes come in a variety of sizes, styles, and applications, but with a little help from today’s post, we can help you pick out the air intake system that fits your vehicle the best.


S&B Cold Air Intake System:

A favorite among American auto manufactures, the S&B Cold Air Intake provides your vehicle’s engine with unmatched air flow to increase your car’s horsepower. The S&B Cold Air Intake System features a unique “crosslink” design to keep hot air and dirt out of your engine, and comes equipped with a clear top for easy inspection.


Volant Air Intake:

Volant’s unique approach to air intake systems has made the company a household name among performance enthusiasts and truck owners. Featuring a unique box design, the Volant Air Intake prevents hot air from getting pushed back into your engine and adds up to 40 lbs. of torque to your vehicle.


AEM Brute Force Air Intake:

The AEM Brute Force Air Intake is an auto upgrade that lives up to its name. Made from CNC mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum tubes, the AEM air intake provides unrestricted air flow to increase your vehicle’s horsepower. Plus, it comes with a built-in heat shield to keep your engine temperature under control. If you’re a performance driver, this is the air intake system for you.


K&N 63 AirCharger Air Intake:

The K&N cold air intake cools down the temperature of your engine to improve your torque and fuel economy. One of the newest members of the K&N line, the K&N 63 Series Air Intake increases your engine’s performance by 28 hp and installs easily in under 90 minutes.


Couldn’t find an intake to match your vehicle? Don’t worry these are just a handful of the cool air intakes we have on the site. To see them all, head over to our air intake page at


One Response to Cold Air Intake Round-Up

  1. K&N 63 AirCharger Air Intake is great.What i like about this is that it can help save fuel and cools down the temperature of the engine. Isn’t it great?

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