Geneva Auto Show Week 1 Wrap Up

March 3, 2011

As promised, we’ve cooked up another post discussing the best, worst, and most interesting cars at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. Last time, we covered everything from Volkswagen buses to Lamborghini supercars. Today’s crop of automobiles is just as diverse.


GTA Spano:

Spanish automaker GTA outdid itself with the new supercar they rolled out earlier this week. The GTA Spano has over 800 hp and can hit the 60 mph mark in under three seconds. But for all its power, this Spanish automobile still manages to strike a balance between race performance and practicality. In addition to the Spano’s sleek, track-friendly body design, it also features more utilitarian accents like a carbon fiber luggage compartment and a panoramic windshield.


Morgan Threewheeler:

An an early frontrunner in this year’s best in show category, the Morgan Threewheeler manages to channel all the power of its heavy-duty V-Twin engine to a single rear wheel. While it doesn’t sound like the safest idea in the world, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be up for taking this three-wheeled automobile out for a test drive.


MTM Audi R8 V10 BiTurbo:

Are we the only ones who think that the mirror finish on the MTM is a lawsuit waiting to happen? Seriously, driving behind this super car on a sunny day must be brutal…but not nearly as brutal as it must have been to polish the MTM before the show. Underneath its paint-free aluminum finish, this Audi features a turbo engine that pumps out nearly 777 hp and tops outs at 224 mph.


Fab Design SLS AMG:

The SLS AMG hasn’t won high marks from judges in Geneva. Everything –  from the boxy design, to the power blue paint job – has had critics howling for the car’s designers’ heads on a platter. Sure, there have been bad concepts in the past, but this ugly cousin of the Mercedes SLS AMG has really gotten car fans hot under the collar.


Well it’s hard to believe that the 1st week of the 2011 Geneva Auto Show is already over. But don’t worry, there’s still another week left and there are many other cars to take a look at. Check in with us next week to get more auto news from Geneva.


Early Highlights of the Geneva Auto Show

March 1, 2011

The Geneva Motor Show has always been a time for Europe’s auto manufactures to show off some of the more ambitious ideas they’ve come up with over the year, and 2011’s show is no different. From family friendly sports cars to reinvented versions of old classics, the vehicles at the 2011 Geneva Motor show have ranged from innovative to just plain weird. Check out some of the early highlights from this year’s show below:


Ferrari FF:

Well it’s a step in a direction for the Italian automaker, we just aren’t sure it’s the right one. Ferrari’s new four-wheel drive, hatchback-inspired super car was described by Wired as the company’s attempt to build a “family friendly” super car. While touring cars are fine, the FF seems to be going against everything the Italian car company is known for. But Ferrai isn’t making any apologies, and the company has indicated the FF is only the beginning. “With the FF, we open a new book in Ferrari’s history,” Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said. “This is something we have never done before.” That’s an understatement.


Volkswagen Microbus:

There have been scores of cars debuted at this year’s show, but the one with the most buzz is the Volkswagen Bulli. This homage to Volkswagen’s iconic VW Bus has quickly become the star of the Geneva Auto Show, and everybody, from car geeks to average drivers, are pining to test drive it. The German concept has a 113-horsepower electric motor and a range life of over 180 miles – and its  21st century take on the classic VW bus’ body design has already earned the German company a ton of style points in Switzerland. Volkswagen tried to reinvent the Microbus back in 2001, but the car never made it to production. Volkswagen hasn’t said if this one will ever hit the road, either.


Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4:

Unlike the FF, the Aventador LP 700-4 is everything you’d expect from Lamborghini. Named after the bull that won the Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera in 1993, this car is fast – like really fast. Featuring a lightweight design, the Aventador has 700 hp, 509 pound-feet of torque, and a top speed of 217 mph. The price tag? $379,000.

Click here to see them all and be sure to stop by again on Thursday to see the rest of the concepts at this year’s show.

Vintage Garage Sign Roundup

February 1, 2011

While the massive blizzard raging outside your window may suggest otherwise, Spring is coming. And with it, Spring Cleaning. If you’re like the rest of us, your garage probably looks like a war-zone right now. You could organize the junk on your work bench, or put the tree up in the attic, but doesn’t adding a retro garage sign to your wall sound so much easier? Sure, a vintage garage sign won’t scrub the dried motor oil off your floor, but it will certainly brighten things up a bit. We’ve listed a few of our favorite garage signs below, check them out:


Sox & Martin Vintage Sign:

So what if you drive a minivan – with a Sox & Martin Vintage Sign you can turn your humble little carport into a stock car driver’s paradise. The perfect addition to any garage or game room, this vintage sign encapsulates the swagger and style of the iconic Sox & Martin racing duo. For a total garage makeover, up the ante with a Sox & Martin Neon Sign.


Chevrolet Garage Sign:

10/10 Chevy guys agree: If you own the car, you need to get a sign to match. Luckily, we’ve got a whole host of Chevy vintage signs at our site, and nearly all of them feature the company’s iconic bow-tie logo. Now all you have to do is decide which one suites your style the best…


Vintage Highway Sign:

If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s the iconic Route 66. Highway sign. Now you can rep. this historic American highway, and all the feelings of possibility and innovation associated with it, on your garage wall.


Pontiac Neon Sign:

Be warned: The Pontiac Neon Garage Sign is for serious auto enthusiasts only. This massive vintage sign measures a ridiculous 42″ in diameter and features the American auto company’s iconic Indian logo outlined in red neon.


Looking for something more? Don’t worry, these are just a few of the many vintage garage signs we carry. For a complete list of all our garage accessories, head over to

The Movie World’s Most Famous Cars

January 27, 2011

This year’s Oscar nominations were released a few days ago, and they got us thinking – if there’s a category for best makeup shouldn’t there also be one for best car? With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of film’s most famous vehicles. This list profiles famous automobiles both past and present, and we’ve included everything from world-saving, semi-truck robots, to a muscle car named after a civil war general. Check out the cars below the jump…

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The 2011 Detroit Auto Show: The Worst Concept Cars of the Year

January 17, 2011

The Detroit Auto Show is a time for car companies to show off their flair for innovation and flex their creative muscles. In its 100-plus year history, the show has had its share of winners – the Mako Shark comes to mind, specifically – but Detroit has also had its fair share of losers, too. This year’s show is no different. From ill-advised gullwing doors, to spaced-out interiors, there were some truly hideous concept cars stinking up the place. Check out our list of the Worst Concept Cars at the Detroit Auto Show below:

Kia Concept Car

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Top 4 Fast Food Items For Inside Your Car

August 6, 2010

Chances are a good amount of our readers are going on a road trip of some sort this weekend. And as you get a couple hours into the trip, eventually you and your passengers will be complaining that you’re hungry like the wolf – without even trying to make an ironic Duran Duran reference.

You need some nourishment to dominate the rest of the journey, but if you stop for too long you will have wasted the weekend! Fear not – here are four perfect pieces of fast food that were just about designed to be consumed in the car.

KFC/McDonald's/Wendy's Snack Wraps

"That's a wrap!" Said the big-shot movie director, as he was brought his lunch.

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Top 5 Worst (And Funniest) Driving Moments In Cinema

June 18, 2010

Before we all head out on our various driving adventures this weekend, let’s take a look at some classic movie examples of road trips gone wrong:

The Clark Family Truckster in National Lampoon's Vacation

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