Wolo Lights and Car Horns

March 8, 2011

Wolo has made attention grabbing warning lights and air horns for professional contractors and emergency personnel for over 40 years. However, Wolo’s products aren’t solely relegated to emergency and construction vehicles. The company’s exhaustive product line also includes lights and horns for civilian cars and trucks, too. From industrial strength train horns to LED light bars, Wolo products come with all the bells and whistles you need to increase your presence on the road. Take a look at our favorite Wolo Lights and horns below.


Bad Boy Air Horn:

Add some attitude to your automobile with the Bad Boy Air Horn. This car air horn has an impressive sound output of 139 db, making it nearly twice as loud as your factory horn. The ideal accent for any motorcycle or car, the Bad Boy mounts on vehicles with a single bolt. This car horn is available in two finishes: Chrome and Black.


Dominator Marine Horn:

For boats, there’s the Dominator. This boat horn produces a whopping 126 db, giving you the sound you need to create a clear path from the harbor to the docks. The Dominator features 2 stylish chrome trumpets and a stainless steel platform that’s resistant to saltwater.


Siberian Express Truck Horn:

Equipped with a sound output 152 db, this industrial horn can give any vehicle a locomotive-sized bark. The Siberian Truck Horn is made of durable ABS plastic, making it significantly lighter than the standard steel constructed factory horn, and is available in 2 colors: Chrome and Black. This truck horn requires an on-board air system.


Outer Limits Warning Light:

If it’s a low-profile look you want, check out the Outer Limits Warning Light. This mini-warning light bar is equipped with bright LED lights and mounts onto car roofs quickly with industrial-strength magnets. The Outer Limits Warning Light comes in three colors: Amber, Blue, and Red.


Infinity Light Bar:

The Infinity Light Bar is the emergency light of choice for firefighters, police officers, and construction workers across the country. And for good reason, too: these light bars are stacked with features and come with a pre-programmed, randomized light pattern to help increase your visibility at a distance. Depending on model, the Infinity can come equipped with up to 14 clusters of flashing LED lights, as well as 2 high-powered alley lights and 6 marker lights. Strobe light bars and halogen light bars are also available.


These are just a handful of the many Wolo Horns and warning lights currently available at http://www.AutoAccessoriesGarage.com. To see the entire catalog click here.


Exhaust Tip Round Up

February 3, 2011

A while back, we told you about a few of the exhaust tips we offer at AAG. Because our catalog has nearly doubled since then, we felt it was about time for us to dedicate a new post to everybody’s favorite exhaust accessory. Here are some of the coolest exhaust tips we’re selling at the site right now:


MBRP Turndown Exhaust Tip:

Classic Car owners with heavy-duty exhaust systems need to pick up this turndown tip. The MBRP Turndown Exhaust Tip is made of T-304 Stainless Steel to withstand wear and features a sleek design that embodies the old school style of Classic American muscle.


Cherry Bomb Exhaust Tip:

Chevy exhaust tip

While they’re known more for their exhaust systems and mufflers, this California Company makes some pretty cool tips, too. For Chevy guys, there’s the Bow-Tie Exhaust Tip. This stainless steel Chevy exhaust tip features a tip exit in the shape of American auto giant’s iconic Bow-Tie logo and looks great on any Chevy vehicle.


Magnaflow Street Series Muffler with Tip:

You gotta give the guys at Magnaflow style points for the exhaust tips on their Street Series Muffler. Made of 400-Stainless Steel, the exhaust tips on this high performance muffler come in a variety of sizes and styles to provide your vehicle with a look and sound that will turn heads.


Gibson Exhaust Tips:

For a look that never falls out of fashion, check out Gibson exhaust tips. Gibson’s brawny exhaust tips are made from aircraft-grade steel and come in a variety of looks, including dual walled and rolled round exhaust tips.


Those are just a handful of the exhaust tips we’ve added over the last few months. To see them all, head over to http://www.autoaccessoriesgarage.com.

New Products from Classic Accessories

January 13, 2011

Whether you’re in the market for a RV Cover or a inflatable pontoon boat, Classic Accessories has you covered. We just added Classic Accessories’ line of camping, boating, and automotive accessories to our site this week. Check out some of our favorites below:


PolyPro 3 Car Cover:

This weather resistant car cover makes sure all that waxing and washing doesn’t go to waste. The Classic Accessories car cover  is made of durable PolyPro 3 fabric to protect your car in all weather conditions – including snow. It also has an ultra-soft interior lining to keep your paint job scratch-free.


PolyX 300 RV Cover:

Summer is still months away, but that doesn’t mean you should let your road warrior deteriorate in the driveway. 49 of the 50 states were hit with snow this week –  for RV owners that means faded finishes and chipped paint jobs. Luckily, you can ward off winter depression and the bad weather that comes with it by covering your RV with the PolyX 300 RV Cover. This RV cover is available for Class A and Class C RVs, and it’s made from heavy duty poly-fabric to shield against the rain, snow, and sun.


Colorado XT:

Classic Accessories’ line of inflatable pontoon boats are among the coolest products we offer at AAG. Serious outdoorsmen should check out the Colorado XT. This tough steel framed inflatable boat is equipped with a slew of storage pockets for camping and fishing gear, as well as a rear storage platform that’s big enough for a full-size cooler. And unlike a full-size fishing boat, you can haul the Colorado XT anywhere in your truck bed or RV.


Those are just a few of the hundreds of Classic Accessories products we’ve got at Auto Accessories Garage. Be sure to check out all of the Classic Accessories Car, RV, and Boat Covers at our website.

New Products from Lloyd Mats

January 10, 2011

Floor mats are an instant way to add some custom looks to your interior. They also provide a crucial shield of protection against spills, muddy shoes, and heavy heels that can destroy your factory carpeting. There’s no better way to add both custom style and tough protection to your vehicle than a set of Lloyd Mats.

Ultimat Floor Mats by Lloyd Mats

Lloyd Ultimat Floor Liners are crafted with plush 32oz nylon carpet for a luxurious look and plush feel that’s over twice as thick as most factory floor mats. They’ve also got a latex backing that blocks spills and provides a sure slip-free grip on your carpet.

Luxe Custom Floor Mats from Lloyds Mats

For the ultimate in plush luxurious style, choose Lloyd Luxe Floor Mats. These custom floor mats are over three times as thick as factory carpet floor mats and come in a variety of colors to match your interior.

Lloyd RubberTite All Season Car Floor Liners

When it comes to all-season protection, it doesn’t get any better than Lloyd Mats RubberTite Floor Mats. These floor liners boast rugged rubber construction and a dimpled design that traps mud, snow, and spills to keep your carpets looking showroom-new all year round. They’re also fully custom-formed to your exact vehicle for a perfect fit and maximum coverage.

Don’t let the season’s worst get into your car – keep your interior clean, protected, and stylish with a set of Lloyd Mats Car Floor Mats! Most Lloyd Mats Carpet Floor Mats are also fully customizable with logos and embroidered text. Click Here to see our full array of Custom Lloyd’s Mats Floor Mats and liners, and hit the road in style!

New Brand: Snow Bear Snow Plows

January 6, 2011

SnowBear Snow Plows, Snow Bear Snow Plow
We’re getting deep into the throes of Winter – are you equipped to battle those blankets of powder? If you have a long driveway or path, even a snow blower won’t cut it. Make short work of the job with a SnowBear Snow Plow.
These plows are designed with the daily driver in mind. You don’t need complicated, super-expensive electronics and hydraulics just to clear your driveway or small lots. That’s why the SnowBear Plow is designed with a simple and easy-to-use winch and mounting system. It wires directly to your battery and is easy to control with the included remote switch. In just minutes you can do work that used to take hours of shoveling and days of back pain.
SnowBear Truck Snow Plow
Our selection of truck snow plows isn’t limited to SnowBear, either. Click here to shop our full selection of Snow Plows, and turn your truck into a mean powder-pushing machine.

New Products from Yakima and Access

August 13, 2010

We’re excited to present you with some new products we’ve recently added to the site. Check out some of these new products from Access and Yakima:

Turn your car into a mean bike-hauling machine with the Yakima KingJoe Bike Rack. The KingJoe straps tightly to your trunk and holds up to 3 cycles. Yakima’s bike racks are compatible with tons of different frames thanks to their narrow arms. Plus, Yakima StableCradles keep a tight grip on your bikes for a wobble-free ride.

Yakima also specializes in cargo carriers to help you get the clutter out of your cockpit. The Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket is crafted entirely from tough steel and mounts to most factory crossbars as well as Yakima’s square and round tubes. It even includes a wind fairing to cut down on annoying wind noise.

Dress up your truck with the best in high style. The Access Limited Edition Tonneau Cover is as tough as it is good-looking, with anodized aluminum construction, UV-treated vinyl tarp, and a no-snap, no-hinge design that lasts. Its hook-and-loop fastening system and EZ-DIAL XT Tension Adjusters make for a super fast and easy tonneau cover. It even locks up with your tailgate for extra security.

The Access Adarac Truck Rack gives your truck a whole new level of cargo hauling. Its heavy duty steel rails handle up to 500 pounds and they sit taller than your cab so you can haul longer items like pipes and lumber. Best yet, the Access Adarac bolts directly into your stake pockets without drilling and accommodates all Access and other inside-the-rail tonneau covers.

That’s just a few of the new Yakima and Access accessories we’ve added to the site. Be sure to check out our New Arrivals page and stay up-to-date on our most recent products.

Have a great weekend!
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