Exhaust Header Round-Up

March 15, 2011

Headers add style and power underneath the hood of any vehicle. When most people hear the phrase “exhaust headers” they think horsepower, and while these headers certainly give your engine an extra kick, they provide much more. Street legal exhaust headers can improve the sound of your exhaust, increase your torque, and they can even help lower your engine temperature. Headers come in a variety of looks and applications and we’ve listed a few of our favorite exhaust headers below.


Gibson Exhaust Headers:

Gibson has been in the performance game for years, and their exhaust headers are some of the most popular on the market. Made of true mandrel bends, Gibson Headers provide unrestricted exhaust flow to your engine and help increase your horsepower and torque. Plus, they’re available in multiple finishes to suit your vehicle’s style.


PaceSetter Header:

Drawing its inspiration from the styles and sounds of the racing world, the PaceSetter Header provides high performance power in a street-legal package. Made of 16-gauge steel tubes, these performance exhaust headers are mandrel bent and give your vehicle an exhaust sound that demands attention.


Bassani Headers:

Backed by over three decades of experience, the team at Bassani knows what it takes to build racing ready performance parts. Don’t believe us? Check out their line of exhaust headers. Bassani Headers are made of 14-gauge carbon steel and feature ball and socket exit connectors that hook up to your Y-pipe or X-pipe crossover section to help you perfect the tone of your exhaust.

Borla Performance Headers:

Regardless of what you drive, your vehicle will benefit from the performance provided by a Borla Exhaust Header. These headers are mandrel-bent and feature a unique design to increase your horsepower and help lower your engine temperature.


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Truck Bed Liner Round-Up

February 24, 2011

Sure, your truck is tough, but even the most rugged rigs can fall victim to wear and weather damage. But fear not, there is a way to protect your truck without sacrificing the functionality of your cargo area. If your truck bed takes a beating from heavy duty cargo, you may want to think about installing a truck bed liner into your cargo area.

Truck bed liners offer a cost effective solution to your wear problems. They give you the ability to haul your cargo and tools without scratching your bed or exposing it to dirt, debris, and corrosive liquids. Some liners even feature a unique gripped surface to keep your cargo secure while you drive. Truck bed mats come in a variety of styles, and we’ve got all the most popular brands at http://www.AutoAccessoriesGarage.com.


Dee Zee Heavy Weight Truck Bed Liner:

The Dee Zee Truck Bed Liner is made from a rubber compound infused with cords to provide your bed with heavy duty protection from wear. Featuring an easy to apply design that fits snugly over your wheel wells, this bed mat is custom fit to your make, model, and year truck.


BedRug Truck Bed Mat:

The BedRug Bed Mat strikes a balance between style and practical design . This custom truck mat offers total protection against wear and features a soft polypropylene top to keep your cargo safe and looking great.


DualLiner Truck Bed Liner:

It doesn’t’ matter what you haul, the DualLiner Tuck Bed Liner has what it takes to keep your cargo area scratch free. Made from high friction ZeroSkid rubber, the DualLiner keeps your loose cargo in place and features an extra thick design to shield against spills and stains.


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Car Bra Round-Up

February 22, 2011

Although they may look harmless, those tiny pebbles along your street can cause serious, irreversible damage to your vehicle’s front end. While we can’t repave your subdivision for you, we can help protect your car from dents and dings with a car bra. Car bras offer a cost effective solution to dirty streets and bad weather. They cover the front end of your vehicle and keep it protected from UV rays, water damage, and roadside debris. Here are just a few of the stylish car bras we offer at http://www.AutoAccessoriesGarage.com


LaBra Car Bra:

Regardless of what you drive, the LeBra Car Bra provides the coverage you need to keep your front end protected from dirt and debris. Featuring an easy to apply 2-piece design, these car bras are built from breathable vinyl to shield your automobile from condensation and bad whether.


Colgan Sport Bra:

Colgan’s stylish car bra covers your hood and guards against dents and scratches. This car bra features a soft flannel lining that won’t scuff up your paint job and has a slick outer surface that won’t accumulate grime. The Colgan Car Bra is available in 2 finishes: Black or Carbon Fiber.


Covercraft Full Car Mask:

If you want total protection against dents and water damage, then you need the Covercraft Car Mask. Built with the same level of durability as their car covers, the Covercraft Car Bra runs from the top of your front end, down to your bumper to provide you with comprehensive weather and wear coverage.


Coverking Veocitex Plus Car Bra:

For a car bra that matches your vehicle’s sophisticated style, there’s the Coverking Car Bra. The Coverking Veocitex Plus Car Bra features a sleek 2-piece design to protect your front end without preventing access to your car’s hood. Made for micro-perforated material, Coverking Velocitex Plus Car Bra dries in a flash and keeps your finish safe from moisture build up.


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