Manufacturer Profile: Rugged Ridge Bumpers and Grille Guards

February 15, 2011

The guys at Rugged Ridge have been in the Jeep business for years, and their exhaustive catalog is practically an encyclopedia for Jeep accessories. From roll bar tops, to replacement seats, to grille guards – if  it beefs up the look of your Jeep, odds are it’s a Rugged Ridge part. Today’s post is all about Rugged Ridge and their brawny exterior accents.


Rugged Ridge Front Tube Bumper:

Made from heavy duty materials with a cool, rust-proof finish, this tube bumper is built tough to keep your jeep’s front-end protected from dirt, debris, and any obstacle thrown your way. The Rugged Ridge Front Tube Bumper features welded end caps, and is available in multiple styles to suit the look of your Jeep.


Rugged Ridge Euro Style Brush & Grille Guard:

If want to add some continental style to your vehicle, check out the Rugged Ridge Euro Style Brush & Grille Guard. This grille guard features a no nonsense design inspired by the old country to shield your front-end from small tree limbs and brush. The Rugged Ridge Euro Style Brush & Grille Guard is available 2 finishes: Stainless Steel and Gloss Black.


Rugged Ridge Rear XHD Bumper:

Featuring a classic look that’s long been a favorite of Jeep owners, the Rugged Ridge Rear XHD Bumper oozes off-road style. The XHD features a tough powder coated steel finish and 2 reinforced D-ring attachments to give your Jeep Wrangler a cool look that’s compatible with the XHD Tire Carrier Mount.


Rugged Ridge Rear Tube Bumper:

Whether you’re fording through the backwoods, or idling in the carpool line, this rear bumper has a rugged style that looks great. The Rugged Ridge Rear Tube Bumper features a large 17″ opening in the middle to make room for your oversized tires and comes in multiple styles and finishes. For the total Rugged Ridge upgrade, pick up the rear bumper with a hitch to increase your towing capacity.


Want more? To see the rest of Rugged Ridge’s fender guards, jeep covers, and jeep front bumpers, head over to


Nerf Bar Round-Up

February 8, 2011

Automobiles, like people, need a good makeover every now and then. So if your truck is starting to look a little dated – like, maybe that suit you wore to your senior prom – we suggest picking up a set of nerf bars and bringing your vehicle into the 21st century. Nerf Bars are a great starting point for any auto makeover and a must-have for all trucks. Check out some of our favorite nerf bars below:


Bully LED Step Bars:

Bully Nerf Bar

Bully LED Step Bars are the ultimate exterior accessory for any truck, and among the strongest step bars on the market.  Made from true mandrel bends to provide smooth looks and unparalleled durability, these truck step bars feature a 24″ red LED light strip that stays lit while you drive and flashes when you turn to provide your vehicle with added safety as well as style.


Westin Platinum Series Round Step Bars:

Westin Nerf Bars have long been a favorite of truck owners with an eye for quality and craftsmanship. These round step bars are made from corrosion-resistant 304 Stainless Steel and promise to retain their shiny chrome finish for years, regardless of the weather conditions.


N-Fab Nerf Bars:

N-Fab Nerf Bars do more than simply provide your vehicle with another brawny ornament. These truck nerf bars strike a balance between the practical and the fashionable to protect the side of your vehicle from dirt and debris. Made from heavy duty materials, N-Fab Nerf Bars are built to last and available in 2 finishes – Black Gloss and Textured Black – as well as a number of styles, including 6-Step and Cab Length nerf bars.


Go Rhino OE Style Oval Nerf Bars:

Go Rhino OE Style Oval Nerf Bars were built with budget conscious truck owners in mind. Go Rhino’s OE Nerf Bars are made of wide 4″ oval tubing and equipped non-skid step pads to provide secure footing and a place for you to clean your boots before entering into the cab. These OE nerf bars come in Black or Polished Stainless Steel.


Putco Boss Step Bars:

Putco Step Bars have a shiny mirror finish and heavy-duty tread pads to compliment the rugged look of your vehicle. Made of NeveRust Stainless Steel, these nerf bars are available in a variety of styles, including cab length bars and wheel-to-wheel step bars with a Dually kickout.


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Don’t worry about it! Those are just a few of the nerf bars we have in stock – click here to see the rest of our nerf bars, running boards, and side step rails.

Exhaust Tip Round Up

February 3, 2011

A while back, we told you about a few of the exhaust tips we offer at AAG. Because our catalog has nearly doubled since then, we felt it was about time for us to dedicate a new post to everybody’s favorite exhaust accessory. Here are some of the coolest exhaust tips we’re selling at the site right now:


MBRP Turndown Exhaust Tip:

Classic Car owners with heavy-duty exhaust systems need to pick up this turndown tip. The MBRP Turndown Exhaust Tip is made of T-304 Stainless Steel to withstand wear and features a sleek design that embodies the old school style of Classic American muscle.


Cherry Bomb Exhaust Tip:

Chevy exhaust tip

While they’re known more for their exhaust systems and mufflers, this California Company makes some pretty cool tips, too. For Chevy guys, there’s the Bow-Tie Exhaust Tip. This stainless steel Chevy exhaust tip features a tip exit in the shape of American auto giant’s iconic Bow-Tie logo and looks great on any Chevy vehicle.


Magnaflow Street Series Muffler with Tip:

You gotta give the guys at Magnaflow style points for the exhaust tips on their Street Series Muffler. Made of 400-Stainless Steel, the exhaust tips on this high performance muffler come in a variety of sizes and styles to provide your vehicle with a look and sound that will turn heads.


Gibson Exhaust Tips:

For a look that never falls out of fashion, check out Gibson exhaust tips. Gibson’s brawny exhaust tips are made from aircraft-grade steel and come in a variety of looks, including dual walled and rolled round exhaust tips.


Those are just a handful of the exhaust tips we’ve added over the last few months. To see them all, head over to

Vintage Garage Sign Roundup

February 1, 2011

While the massive blizzard raging outside your window may suggest otherwise, Spring is coming. And with it, Spring Cleaning. If you’re like the rest of us, your garage probably looks like a war-zone right now. You could organize the junk on your work bench, or put the tree up in the attic, but doesn’t adding a retro garage sign to your wall sound so much easier? Sure, a vintage garage sign won’t scrub the dried motor oil off your floor, but it will certainly brighten things up a bit. We’ve listed a few of our favorite garage signs below, check them out:


Sox & Martin Vintage Sign:

So what if you drive a minivan – with a Sox & Martin Vintage Sign you can turn your humble little carport into a stock car driver’s paradise. The perfect addition to any garage or game room, this vintage sign encapsulates the swagger and style of the iconic Sox & Martin racing duo. For a total garage makeover, up the ante with a Sox & Martin Neon Sign.


Chevrolet Garage Sign:

10/10 Chevy guys agree: If you own the car, you need to get a sign to match. Luckily, we’ve got a whole host of Chevy vintage signs at our site, and nearly all of them feature the company’s iconic bow-tie logo. Now all you have to do is decide which one suites your style the best…


Vintage Highway Sign:

If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s the iconic Route 66. Highway sign. Now you can rep. this historic American highway, and all the feelings of possibility and innovation associated with it, on your garage wall.


Pontiac Neon Sign:

Be warned: The Pontiac Neon Garage Sign is for serious auto enthusiasts only. This massive vintage sign measures a ridiculous 42″ in diameter and features the American auto company’s iconic Indian logo outlined in red neon.


Looking for something more? Don’t worry, these are just a few of the many vintage garage signs we carry. For a complete list of all our garage accessories, head over to

The Movie World’s Most Famous Cars

January 27, 2011

This year’s Oscar nominations were released a few days ago, and they got us thinking – if there’s a category for best makeup shouldn’t there also be one for best car? With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of film’s most famous vehicles. This list profiles famous automobiles both past and present, and we’ve included everything from world-saving, semi-truck robots, to a muscle car named after a civil war general. Check out the cars below the jump…

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Shopping Guide: EBC Brakes

January 25, 2011

The guys at EBC Brakes know the world of auto accessories can be a difficult one to navigate. That’s why their brake pads are color-coded to make your life easier. With EBC, instead of memorizing obscure acronyms and part numbers, all you have to do is remember that “Track Use Brake Pads” are “Yellow” and “Every Day Use” means “Green.” Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide of EBC Brake Pads below and find out what color suits your vehicle the best.


Green Stuff Brake Pads:

For every day drivers, there are Green Stuff Brake Pads. These pads are the ideal replacement for your stock pads and feature a center-line slot that vents in cool air to prevent thermal cracking and reduce noise.


Red Stuff Brake Pads:

Red Stuff Brake Pads give sports car and European luxury car owners a pad to match the performance of their vehicle. Red Stuff Brake Pads have a high initial brake effect and a higher heat threshold than EBC’s Green Stuff line. Plus, they carry up to 50% less dust than OEM replacement pads, which means cleaner wheels for your Dodge Challenger.


Yellow Stuff Brake Pads:

If you plan on hitting the race track any time soon, you may want to think about picking up some EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads. Yellow Stuff  Brake Pads are EBC’s highest gripping pads and they’ve been a favorite of race and rally drivers since 2004.


Blue Stuff Brake Pads:

EBC Blue Stuff Brake Pads are the world’s first street legal racing brake pads. These pads provide race-level performance without the noise of traditional race pads. Instead of using semi-metallic fibers, Blue Stuff ‘s are naturally-mined to produce a progressive feel that’s far less harsh on your brake rotors. Blue Stuff Brake Pads also feature EBC’s NDX Formula to provide superior bite from cold.


Those are just a few of the EBC brake pads we offer at AAG. Check out all of EBC’s brake pads and brake rotors at our website.

AAG’s Car Cover Roundup

January 20, 2011

If you’re like the rest of us, you don’t have the money to let your vehicle’s exterior deteriorate on a snow covered driveway or in a dusty garage. These nasty environments can cause irreversible damage to your paint job. To keep your vehicle’s finish looking great, you need to make sure your car stays protected.

Car Covers are a simple and easy way to shield your car or truck from dirt, debris, and bad weather. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can pick the one that suits your needs the best. Check some of our favorite custom car covers below:


The Coverking Stormproof Car Cover:

For cold weather, the Coverking Stormproof is a no-brainer. This outdoor car cover is made of microscopic yarn that’s tough enough to protect your car from the snow and ice. Plus, it’s equipped with a soft lining that won’t scratch the paint job.


Covercraft Form Fit Car Cover:

Perfect for storage units, the flexible Form Fit Car Cover lives up to its name. Made of Lycra and Spandex materials, this car cover hugs the curves of your vehicle to provide total coverage against dirt and dust.


Coverking Satin Stretch Car Cover:

If you’re storing your car in the garage, pick up the Coverking Satin Stretch Car Cover. This indoor car cover by Coverking is made of breathable satin to protect your paint job from water damage, heat, and dust. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors so you can pick the one that suits your style the best.


Covercraft Noah Car Cover:

The Covercraft Noah Car Cover offers total protection against rainwater and condensation. The Covercraft design team built this water repellent cover with state of the art microscopic holes so trapped moisture can escape without exposing the paint job to the bad weather and dust.


These are just a few of the custom car covers we offer. To check out the rest of our outdoor and indoor car covers, head over to the Auto Accessories Garage website.