Wolo Lights and Car Horns

March 8, 2011

Wolo has made attention grabbing warning lights and air horns for professional contractors and emergency personnel for over 40 years. However, Wolo’s products aren’t solely relegated to emergency and construction vehicles. The company’s exhaustive product line also includes lights and horns for civilian cars and trucks, too. From industrial strength train horns to LED light bars, Wolo products come with all the bells and whistles you need to increase your presence on the road. Take a look at our favorite Wolo Lights and horns below.


Bad Boy Air Horn:

Add some attitude to your automobile with the Bad Boy Air Horn. This car air horn has an impressive sound output of 139 db, making it nearly twice as loud as your factory horn. The ideal accent for any motorcycle or car, the Bad Boy mounts on vehicles with a single bolt. This car horn is available in two finishes: Chrome and Black.


Dominator Marine Horn:

For boats, there’s the Dominator. This boat horn produces a whopping 126 db, giving you the sound you need to create a clear path from the harbor to the docks. The Dominator features 2 stylish chrome trumpets and a stainless steel platform that’s resistant to saltwater.


Siberian Express Truck Horn:

Equipped with a sound output 152 db, this industrial horn can give any vehicle a locomotive-sized bark. The Siberian Truck Horn is made of durable ABS plastic, making it significantly lighter than the standard steel constructed factory horn, and is available in 2 colors: Chrome and Black. This truck horn requires an on-board air system.


Outer Limits Warning Light:

If it’s a low-profile look you want, check out the Outer Limits Warning Light. This mini-warning light bar is equipped with bright LED lights and mounts onto car roofs quickly with industrial-strength magnets. The Outer Limits Warning Light comes in three colors: Amber, Blue, and Red.


Infinity Light Bar:

The Infinity Light Bar is the emergency light of choice for firefighters, police officers, and construction workers across the country. And for good reason, too: these light bars are stacked with features and come with a pre-programmed, randomized light pattern to help increase your visibility at a distance. Depending on model, the Infinity can come equipped with up to 14 clusters of flashing LED lights, as well as 2 high-powered alley lights and 6 marker lights. Strobe light bars and halogen light bars are also available.


These are just a handful of the many Wolo Horns and warning lights currently available at http://www.AutoAccessoriesGarage.com. To see the entire catalog click here.